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Norman’s Impact on Teammate Martin Chase

Norman Hand’s former teammate Martin Chase discusses the impact Norman had on him.

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Memories of Norman

Whenever I speak about the HAND Organization and its mission, my last words are if his life will save another person, than his life would have not been in vain. I was so pleased to know that one of his teammates from the New Orleans Saints said that Norman’s death saved his life. Hopefully that means he is making better choices with his health, eating habits or in general he has created a healthier lifestyle.

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Thank You

Wow….I cannot thank you all enough for all the support you have given this project.

We have made tremendous strides in getting the message out to the masses. We have taken the web by storm!! We are on Facebook, Twitter and of course this webpage. I ask you all to continue to spread the word about The H.A.N.D Organization and the Mission of Hoping Another Never Dies.

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Toni’s Blog Coming Soon…

Soon, we will feature writings from Toni Charles, founder of The H.A.N.D. Organization. Keep checking back for updates from Toni!

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