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Thank You

Wow….I cannot thank you all enough for all the support you have given this project.

We have made tremendous strides in getting the message out to the masses. We have taken the web by storm!! We are on Facebook, Twitter and of course this webpage. I ask you all to continue to spread the word about The H.A.N.D Organization and the Mission of Hoping Another Never Dies.

When I think about Norman’s five heartbeats…Norman, Isaiah, Alexis, Aaron and Trey, it fuels me to continue to tell Norman’s story to anyone that will listen. Talking to current and former players, they are surprised and dismayed. Not knowing if one day they may experience the turmoil that Norman did. Sadly it took a multiple number of deaths to get the NFL to just LISTEN…I don’t want another family to experience this tragedy.

As you may have heard their are multiple lawsuits being filed on behalf of Former players and their spouses…however not were filed on behalf of just the dependents. That has now changed because as of May 25th, 2012 a case has been filed on behalf of “the five heartbeats” against the NFL. Hopefully this case will allow other parents of dependent children who’s Father’s played in the NFL to have their rights protected.

I will keep you posted on this process.

Thanks again for visiting. Be sure to come back. I will update often.

Special Thanks to Eric Karkovack for being the mastermind behind this website.

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    Norman's StoryThe H.A.N.D Organization was created in July 2010 to continue a living legacy to a great person, former NFL nose tackle Norman L. Hand who passed away on May 14th, 2010. He was only 37 years old.
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