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Memories of Norman

Whenever I speak about the HAND Organization and its mission, my last words are if his life will save another person, than his life would have not been in vain. I was so pleased to know that one of his teammates from the New Orleans Saints said that Norman’s death saved his life. Hopefully that means he is making better choices with his health, eating habits or in general he has created a healthier lifestyle.

One day, I hope to have him tell you his story in his own words on this page.

As the days past, the memories become so much more precious to Trey and myself. We are often talking about Norman and things they did and talked about. It saddens me that at he end of most of these “Daddy Talks” he is left with this confused look on his face. I know he understands that his Daddy is no longer physically with him, but the look on his face tells that if he can do anything to see him or talk to him he would.

Trey is 9 now…two days ago he told me, “It’s a shame I did not get to spend a lot of time with my Daddy”. He does not remember the times spent with his Dad when he was younger…he only remembers the Summer of ’09 and the two weeks before he passed away. It’s getting difficult for him to look at pictures and sometimes hear his Dad’s name. Is this part of the grief process? I thought summer sports would fill a void, but clearly nothing can replace the loss of a parent. Especially one that was not physically always with you, but you knew was just a phone call, car trip or plane ride away.

I talk about visiting his Dad’s hometown, family and friends. He’s excited about seeing his siblings and family, but just as sad about not seeing his Dad. Hopefully through counseling we will find that balance too.

Thanks to all that continue to give me strength to carry on this mission, I long for the day when other players current or active can speak to the changes made in their lives because of the life and untimely death of Norman L. Hand.

Until next time…

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