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Norman’s Impact on Teammate Martin Chase

Note: The following post was written by Norman’s former teammate with the New Orleans Saints, Martin Chase, part of the famous “Heavy Lunch Bunch” in the middle of the Saints’ defensive line:

Martin ChaseWell I was Trey (Norman’s son) growing up and my father lived just 3hrs from me and I still don’t have the relationship that I would love to have with him. I now know who my real father is, Jesus. My mother told me you raise a child on your knees. So when times get hard call on his name and he will answer. Norman saved my life by a phone call. He found me on Facebook and we talked for hours just catching up. I was weighing 340 at the time and we talked about me coming out to South Carolina. Three weeks later I was on my laptop and I saw football player passes away and I rush to see the name and it was Norman Hand. I didn’t know what to do but just cry. I reached out to Grady Jack and we talked. I had to go to California the day of the funeral for my worksman’s comp case. I came back got in the weight room, changed my eating habits and end up losing 50 pounds. All because of my good friend Norman Hand.

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